The original eighteenth century European hard, gloss black finish imitating Japanese black lacquer.

Compounded with naturally occurring fossilized asphaltum, this pre-historic paint was a versatile finish before modern coatings.

Found on period:

Decorated Toleware American
Shaker Tinware
Cast and Wrought Iron
Sewing Machines
Stanley Planes
Cast Iron Planes and Levels
Rust Protection including Automotive Chassis Undercoating
Black-brown Walnut Stain for Wood when diluted
Faux Finishing including Tortoiseshell and Leather Look.

All projects should be cleaned and as rust free as possible. Preparation is the most important step to any project. The better the foundation of your pieces, the greater the results. Pontypool can be diluted with mineral spirits or turpentine to the consistency you are comfortable working with. Shelf life can be extended by placing clean stones or marbles in the can to keep the air space to a minimum. A natural bristle brush is the recommended for applying. DO NOT STOVE under any circumstances. Pontypool finish will air dry to touch in 6 to 8 hours and recoat in 24 hours, taking into consideration weather conditions. Full cure in 30 days.

Sold in Quarts ONLY. $93.95 Includes shipping anywhere in the Continental U.S. Orders cannot be accepted from overseas or Canada at this time. 

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